What To Expect

Your bike fit is personalized to you and your goals and will likely take 2-3 hours. As you and your bike are methodically dialed in to the ideal position, you will learn the relevance of each change and how it affects the way you sit on your bike, handle your bike, and apply power over the duration of your ride.

Marty uses the science and methodology of the Serrotta International Cycling Institute (SICI), and knowledge of anatomy and kinesiology (the study of human movement) learned through his practice as a Physical Therapist to achieve your goals.

To replicate your normal riding position, please bring your bike, shoes, riding shorts and jersey.

Upon completing your personalized fit, you will receive a copy of all fit data containing all the details of your bike fit and recommendations to achieve your ideal fit. We will gladly work with your preferred bike shop to help you get any parts needed.

Your bike fit includes a follow up appointment to ensure your bike fit is right for you.

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PT Bike Fit utilizes space in cooperation with Hartz Physical Therapy within their spacious office at:

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