Services Provided

Personalized Bike Fit: $225
• Includes full personalized positioning on bike including Essential flexibility and ROM assessment, foot sizing and arch analysis, cleat placement, saddle positioning, reach positioning with sizing stem.
• Ergonomic handlebars trials
• PRO Bike Gear and ISM Saddle Demos
• EXiT Fit Bike with on the fly adjustments, Power and Cadence Monitor
• Dynamic Motion Capture Video Analysis
• Detailed Documentation of your position
• Specific Recommendations for you fit position and needed parts.

Bike fit with flat pedals: $165
• Includes all items from personalized bike fit but done with your normal riding shoes that do not have cleats
• Follow up visit included

Bike Saddle Demo and Sales
• Saddle trials included with full bike fit
• Saddle trials outside of a full fitting
• Demo Rentals available

See Saddle options here:
PRO Bike Gear Saddles ISM Saddles

Size or Compare Bikes with EXiT Fit Bike: $75
• Considering a new bike? Replicate any bike on the market virtually with EXiT Fit Bike. Changes can be made within seconds to compare fit of multiple frame/bike options.

Transfer current fit to new or other bike: $50-$75 based on time
• Transfer all measurements to a different bike of similar style with use of X/Y measurements, data from bike fit, and saddle position matching so your many bikes all feel the same.

Cleat Installation only: $30
• includes knee laser alignment. Wedges applied as needed for cost of wedges

Complete Flexibility and Strength assessment with Home Program $75

Additional time or appointments beyond what is covered by fitting: $75/hr
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