Services Provided

Personalized Bike Fit: $225
• Includes full personalized positioning on bike including Essential flexibility and ROM assessment, foot sizing and arch analysis, cleat placement, saddle positioning, reach positioning with sizing stem
• gebioMized Saddle Pressure Mapping
• Ergonomic handlebars trials
• PRO Bike Gear, Ergon, gebioMized and ISM Saddle Demos available
• EXiT Fit Bike with on the fly adjustments, Power and Cadence Monitor
• Dynamic Motion Capture Video Analysis
• Detailed Documentation of your position
• Specific Recommendations to achieve your fit

Personalized Bike Fit Plus - includes gebioMized Saddle Pressure Mapping: $275

• Begins with all features of the Personalized Bike Fit and goes beyond with a heightened level of detail found with Saddle Pressure Mapping
• Your fit starts with a good foundation. Your saddle is your foundation and holds valuable information with regard to how you interact with your bike. Before saddle pressure mapping, this information was not attainable.
• Saddle pressure mapping provides valuable insight into:
- Location and intensity of pressure on the saddle
- Asymmetrical sitting postures related to saddle position, cleat position, handlebar position, crank length, and leg length discrepancies.
• Pressure mapping is valuable for every rider but most beneficial for any rider dealing with saddle discomfort or numbness, pain syndrome in any location you are aware of for more than 4-6 weeks, recent change of equipment at any contact point, or the rider looking to take their position to the next level.
• Refer to PT Bike Fit’s Blog in the Contact Us section or Instagram for case examples

Bike fit with flat pedals: $175, with aerobars $195
• Includes all items from personalized bike fit but done with your normal riding shoes that do not have cleats
• Follow up visit included

Fit First Buy Later: $260
• Compare the fit of any bike on the market using stack and reach numbers or use fit data for a custom frame build
• Full bike fit included with access to all fit data
• Includes 2 follow up visits with the first to dial in your position after #newbikeday, and the second follow up to make minor changes as needed after you have had sufficient time on your bike

Size First Buy Later: $75
• Compare the fit of any bike on the market using stack and reach numbers prior to purchasing
• Stack and Reach data chart comparing your position to bike options and discussion of which bike would provide the best fit

gebioMized Saddle Pressure Mapping – saddle sales and demo sessions – $75
• Objectify the way you search and select the right saddle with live feed saddle pressure mapping
• Demo any of the PRO Bike Gear or ISM saddles PT Bike Fit stocks or bring your own saddles to try from any source you like. PT Bike Fit will work with your bike shop to help you find the right saddle as well
• Includes the time you need to properly demo saddle options on the EXiT Fit Bike with gebioMized Saddle Pressure Mapping and includes expert positioning of your new saddle. Your saddle position is documented and given to you so you can find that sweet spot again and again
• Follow ups included during your saddle selection process
• Demo Rentals available - refundable deposit required

PT Bike Fit stocks the following saddles:
PRO Bike Gear Saddles
ISM Saddles
• gebioMized: Sleak, Area, and Stride TT saddle
• Ergon (Men/Women/Mountain Bike/Road/Touring)

Transfer current fit to new or other bike: $50-$75 based on time
• Transfer all measurements to a different bike of similar style with use of X/Y measurements, data from bike fit, and saddle position matching so your many bikes all feel the same

Cleat Installation and Assessment: $60
• Cleats are the foundation for your pedal stroke: A thorough and comprehensive assessment of your cleat position including laser assessment of lower extremity movement patterns. Cleat fore/aft, heel in/out, and medial/lateral positioning. Wedging and spacers included as needed

Cycling Shoes
• PT Bike Fit offers Shimano and Pearl Izumi cycling shoes for the rider whose shoes are problematic. A detailed foot assessment is included in the pre fit exam including forefoot position, arch height, as well and foot and arch baseline. Individual considerations are also noted with respect to foot position and shoewear. The right shoe for you can be found with the selection that Shimano and Pearl Izumi offer.
- Wide Sizing: Shimano offers wide sizing for individuals needing extra room in the forefoot
- Customizable Insoles: Pearl Izumi offers customizable insoles using adjustable forefoot wedging and arch support to give you an ideal interaction with your foot, shoe, and pedal

Complete Flexibility and Strength assessment with Home Program $75

Gift Certificates Available

Additional services and follow ups available upon request

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