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Cycling is a sport that is widely accessible and a great example of meshing body and machine. To achieve the best success on your bike whether you are casually touring or racing for those valuable upgrade points, your fit will be an integral part of your success and enjoyment of the sport. To be comfortable and perform well you require a good position that will minimize risk of injury, apply power to the pedals over long periods of time, and handle the bike in an agile and natural way.



Motion Capture Video: PT Bike Fit uses the latest technology to assess your position including Motion Capture Video. Motion Capture Video will capture your position during the most important time, while you are riding. Multiple joint angles can be assessed through slow motion video and still motion snapshots extracted from the video to verify your position.

Your fit starts with a good foundation. Your saddle is your foundation and holds valuable information with regard to how you interact with your bike. Before saddle pressure mapping this information was not attainable.
gebioMized Saddle Pressure Mapping: Live feed pressure mapping provides invaluable feedback with regard to:
• Saddle selection and width
• Sitting position on the saddle and relative pressure points
• Saddle position including height and fore aft
• Crank length
• Leg length discrepancy
• Validating and providing evidence for recommendations made during the fit


About PT Bike Fit

PT Bike Fit is a Professional Bike Fitting Service located in Lancaster County, PA and serving the Central Pennsylvania / mid-Atlantic region since 2014. Lancaster is central to many local cities including Reading, Harrisburg, York, Philadelphia, and Baltimore. Marty McKeon, MPT is a SICI Certified Fitter and Physical Therapist using proven methods, Dynamic Motion Capture, and EXiT Fit Bike to achieve the best bike fit and result for you. With the right fit, your bike will work for you, rather than you working to fit the bike.

Marty McKeon, MPT is a certified fitter through the Serotta International Cycling Institute (SICI), uses his knowledge of anatomy and kinesiology (the study of human movement), and draws on his lifelong cycling experience to provide you the best experience on your bike possible.

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EXiT Fit Bike

The EXiT Fit Bike is a completely dynamic machine which allows the easiest changes between positions. Bike position can be replicated using stack and reach numbers or X/Y Tool measurements. Provides live readouts of your power and cadence confirming the positive changes being made during your fit.


With the EXiT Mk II fit bike you can:

  • - Compare multiple bikes fit before you make a purchase based on available stack and reach measurements
  • - Bike manufacturer’s proprietary components make fitting difficult. With the EXiT Fit Bike we can set up your position virtually to get the right fit
  • - Power and Cadence monitoring through the Tacx Bushido Resistance Unit to confirm the positive impact of any changes made
  • - Fit bikes with Thru axles that will not fit on a standard trainer
    • - Less Stop and Go: Changes in position are made as you pedal for the ultimate in feedback to compare positions

Get fit for your dream custom frame!

What Is Bike Fit?

Bike fitting is the process of methodically aligning your body in a position where the repetitive strain on muscle and joints is minimized, pressure in vulnerable points is reduced, and your body is allowed to function at its peak for the greatest amount of time.

Included in your fit is an educational and instructional journey through the following areas: - Foot and lower extremity flexibility assessment - Assessment and proper positioning of cleats - Shims and wedges are included with fit - Proper saddle positioning - Pressure relieving Test saddles available for men and women - Simulated Handlebar reach with sizing stem - Ergonomic handlebar samples available - Detailed measurement and documentation of position - Documentation provided to you electronically for your records - Laser sighting for measurements and to analyze joint movement - Before and after photo documentation of your position - Motion Capture Video Analysis - Specific recommendations for bike setup and parts at completion of fitting - Follow up appointment included with fitting to ensure the best outcome - Bike Fit matching available using XY measurements - Education on components of proper bike fit

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